Answered By: Rick Ernest
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2018     Views: 2821

To submit your work in Bb, follow these steps:

First, you will need to navigate to the assignment location in your course, and click on the assignment title to get to the assignment submission page.

Once on the assignment submission page, you have three options for submitting assignments: Write Submission, Browse My Computer, adn Drag and Dropassignment submission options

The first option is to use Write Submission to manually type your work into Bb.  This is a good option for very short answers, or for things that do not require formatting.  If you choose this option, my recommendation to you is type up your answer in Microsoft Word, and copy/paste that text into the text editor box.  This allows you to save your work and have a backup copy ready in case there are any issues connecting to Bb.

The second option, Browse My Computer, allows you to attach a file from your computer to submit in your assignment.  Clicking this button will allow you to select a file and attach it.

The third option is another way to attach a file, and this is the Drag adn Drop option.  If you open a file explorer window on your computer, you can click and drag the file to attach it to your assignment.

drag and drop feature

Once you have your work attached, you are good to go!  One note about the Comments box; this is for comments to your instructor, not a place for you to submit work.

Finally, when you are ready, click Submit to turn in your work. 

Submit button

On the next page, a preview of your work submitted will be displayed.  If the preview does not immediately display, refresh the page to get it to load.

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