Answered By: Rick Ernest
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019     Views: 36

When you submit your work in Bb, you have a couple of ways to know that your work was successfully submitted.  The first way is to check the assignment link after you submit your work. To do this, simply click on the assignment link in your Bb course.  You will be shown a preview of the work submitted to your instructor.  Here is an example:


Notice, that you see a alpha-numeric code that is also sent to you via your TCL email account.

Another way to see if your work was submitted, is to click on the My Grades page in your course.  On this page, you will see one of three icons that tell you about the status of your work (each icon is found in the "Grade" column of the My Grades page in your Bb course:

  This image means that you have not submitted any work for this assignment

 This image means that you are working on the assignment, but you have not turned it in yet.  Your instructor cannot see your work if this icon is displayed in your course.

 This icon means that your work has been submitted to your instructor, and they can see it.  A grade has not been awarded yet.


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