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If a course copy completes, but does not copy over your exam materials (see How do I copy a test/exam to another course?), you may end up with a bunch of extra Grade Center columns when you complete another course copy.

To remove the unwanted columns (be careful here!), you need to identify which columns are not needed versus the "good" test columns (which you want to keep).

To do this from Grade Center, click to double down chevron button next to a test column and see which options you are presented:


If the options look like the picture above, this is a correctly linked test column in the Grade Center--you'll want to keep this one if you are planning on using the test/quiz in your course.


If the list is much shorter, and you do not see the "Edit Test" as an option, this is an empty column--nothing is linked to it, as it is left over from an incomplete course copy done earlier.  You can delete this column.


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