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Export = Only the course components are backed-up or recorded. This file can be saved anywhere; your User Networked File, a USB drive, etc.  Exported course files can be imported into other courses for use in different sections. 

Archive = Creates a record of your entire course, including student information. Recommend saving this file on your User Networked File “Z-Drive” due to the sensitivity of student information it includes. If you do not have a file in the system, contact IT. Click here for instructions on archiving courses.

Whether Archived or Exported, files can always be restored if you find the need for them at a later time.

Log into Blackboard and click on the course you’d like Exported or Archived

Under Course Management, locate the Control Panel and click Packages and Utilities. Then Click Export/Archive Course.

Course management menu

The Export/Archive Course screen will be displayed as shown below. Generally the “File Items” portion of the screen will be blank, but if there has been a previous Export or Archive file built, it will be shown in this area (see the second screen below). If you plan to keep a copy of your course, click Export Package.Export/archive course, never been exported


The Export Course Screen will be displayed. On this screen you will need to select the course materials you want saved and then click submit.  You can click "Select All" to get all of your course materials quickly.

Note: before exporting, click the "Calculate Size" button to see how large the export file will be.  If the file is excessively large, consider removing unnecessary content before exporting.


You will receive a message at the top of the screen in green indicating that your requested action has been queued. You will receive an email when the action is complete.

Archive confirmation


Click on Export/Archive Course again under Packages and Utilities to refresh the screen. You will now see a File. Click the down arrow to display a dialog box.

Download export file

Save your course(s) on a USB Drive or on your User Networked File: “Z-Drive”.

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