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The Retention Center is a tool used to assess the status of your students' activity in your course based on a set of pre-defined rules.  These rules are set up by default in the system, but can be added to or removed from your course’s retention center to customize your reporting thresholds.

To start tracking your students' course activity, you should first navigate to your Bb Notification Area and click on the Retention Center icon.

On the next page, you can select a course to start tracking by clicking on the course on the left side, followed by the “Start tracking now” button to the right.  

At first, you will see a message that says “All your students are doing great!”  Don’t be misled by this message!  Click on the “See Details” button to get a true view of how your students are doing based on the default rule set.

Here are the default rules:

Default Activity Rule: Activity in the last week(s) is 20% below course average

Default Course Access Rule: Last access more than five days ago

Default Grade Rule: External Grade is 25% below class average (by default, the external grade is the grade in the “Total” column in Grade Center)

Default Missed Deadline Rule: One deadline has been missed by more than zero days (basically any late assignment)

Again, you can customize your course’s Retention Center rules to reflect more relevant thresholds based on your needs.  

For more information on the features of the Retention Center, check out this video provided by Blackboard: 


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