Answered By: Sasha Bishop
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There are several ways to save your paper without a flash drive, and the easiest way is to email the document to yourself. To do this, click "Save as" in the File menu, give your paper a name you will recognize, and save it to a location like "Desktop" or "My Documents." 

Next, sign into your email account and compose a new email.  In the "To" field, type your own email address. Then look for a word like "attach," "attachments," or "files" near the top of the message.

Screenshot of email instructions

After you click "attach," a window will open allowing you to find the file you saved to the computer. Once you select the correct file, click "open" and the file will be attached to your email. Send the email and wait for the email to appear in your inbox. You should try opening the attachment in your email to make sure your file came through properly.

All TCL students have a Microsoft Office 365 account will give you access to email, and applications, including  a free account called OneDrive.  OneDrive provides access to online storage, file sharing, and Microsoft Office applications. To sign into OneDrive,  your User ID and password will be the same as  your TCL email account. Because TCL does not manage your OneDrive account, you should go to for support. You can also call the general support line at (800) 642-7676. 

Another option for saving papers is to use an online storage system. Google Docs is an example of a free storage site for documents. You must sign up for a Google account, but once you have one you can create, edit and save your documents in Google Docs, as well as upload and download documents in different formats. The advantage to using a site like this is that as long as you have access to a computer with an Internet connection, you will be able to get to your paper. The disadvantage is that your work is stored online, and is less secure than a document saved to a flash drive. 

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