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To Add a Tool

Often instructors may want a tool in Blackboard that is not listed on the left side panel already. These instructions will show you how to add a tool and then how to make it available to your students.

In this example, we will add the calendar tool to the course panel. To add a tool, hover over the + symbol in the top left corner and click the "tool link" option.

                               Add tool link     

Select "Calendar" from the list and give the tool a name. Select tool


Make sure to click the "Available to Users" box or your students will not be able to see the tool. Click Submit.

Name and make tool available


Your tool will now be housed at the bottom of the list of your other tools. To move any of the tools on the left-panel, click the double arrow and drag the tool where you would like it to reside.

Move tools up and down


To Delete a Tool

If you have tools listed on the left panel that you are not going to use, we recommend deleting or hiding these tools in order to avoid confusion for students. This is especially true if you have nothing added to them. (You can always re-add tools later—see above for information on adding tools.)

On the tool you wish to delete, click on the double arrows pointing downward to view additional options. From here you have the options to rename the link, show or hide the link, give permission to others to view, or delete. If you click "delete," you will be asked if you are sure. Click Yes, or OK. Note: You can also hide a tool using the "hide link" option instead of "delete." The tool will then be visible to you in edit mode, but will not be visible to students. You may want to hide tools if you plan on using them at some point during the course but not right away. 

Delete a tool

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