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There may be some cases where you want to have a place for students to overtly mark something as being reviewed.  The "Mark Reviewed" button can do this for you.  You can also use this feature to have designated items in a course appear only after the review button ahs been checked.

To set this up, navigate to the desired page in your Bb course.  The picture below is a "Course Documents" page and it contains a "Weekly Lecture" folder.  I want to enable this folder to be marked for review.  Once the review has been checked, a statement will appear below this item.  Setting up this statement is the first step:

Navigate to "Build Content," and select "Item."

On the next page, you can draft up an acknowledgement statement.  An example is provided below:

Click submit and the new item will show up on the page.  To set up the "Mark Reviewed" button, click on the edit menu button in the newly created content item.  Select "Adaptive Release."

Scroll to the bottom of the next page to get to the "Review Status" area.  Click the Browse button to select the item where the mark reviewed button will be displayed.  In this example, we want to select the "Weekly Lecture" folder.

Click "Submit," and click "OK" on the pop-up box for the review statement.  Now, with edit mode "Off," your screen will shoe the "Mark Reviewed" button in the Weekly Lecture folder.

Once the button has been clicked, the content item will be displayed:

If you need help setting up review statements in your courses, please feel free to call 843-525-8317, or send an email to 


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