Answered By: Rick Ernest
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At times, you may want to reopen a test for one student (or as many as you like) in your Bb course. To do this, you can use the "Adaptive Release" option to create a "membership," which will specify who can see the exam.

First, navigate to the test you want to modify, then click the edit menu button next to the exam name and select "Adaptive Release."

On the next page, navigate to the "Membership" area and use the browse button to locate and select the student(s) you want to see the test.  You can also limit the visibility of the test to a specific timeframe if desired by using the date/time options just above the "Membership" area.

When done, click "Submit" to save your changes.

Remember, only the student(s) listed in the membership settings can see the exam.  If you want to allow other students to see the exam, you must add them to the membership or remove all student ID #s to let the entire class view the exam link. 


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