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Sometimes, you may just want to get a specific, individual test from a course without copying all of the tests from the source course.  To do this, navigate the the "Tests Surveys and Pools" area of your course by clicking this option from the "Course Tools" menu area.

Next, click on the "Tests" link to see a list of tests in your course.  Click the edit button next to the test you want to copy and select "Export."  This will save a copy of your test to your local hard drive.

Once you have downloaded the file, navigate to the destination course that you want to put the test in.  Go to the "Tests" page (from the "Tests, Surveys and Pools" area of the course), and now select the "Import Test" option.

Use the "Browse My Computer" option to located the previously downloaded test file and select this file for importing.

After clicking "Submit," the import process will begin.  Note, your tests are not "deployed" when they have been imported.  

To deploy your tests, watch the steps in the video below:



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