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To create a group in Blackboard, click on the "Groups" link under the "Users and Groups" are of the Course Management menu.

On the next page, you have the option to create single groups or a group set.  A group set allows you to create several groups at once, and either option (single or set) allows for self-enrollment by the student or manual enrollment by the instructor.  Once you select the type of group you want to create, you can name the groups and set the options for which tools you want the group to have access to and the grading options for some of the items.

The following tool info comes from the help page in Bb:

  • Blogs: In the Group area, all members of a Group can create Entries for the same Blog, building upon one another. Any Course member can read and comment on a Group Blog, but cannot make Entries if they are not a member of the Group. Instructors can select the grade option for Group Blogs.
  • Collaboration: Users within the Group can create and attend Chat sessions and Virtual Classroom sessions.
  • Discussion Board: Users within the Group can create and manage their own Forums.
  • Email: Users within the Group can email individual members or the entire Group.
  • File Exchange: Group members and the Instructor can share files in this area. All members, as well as the Instructor, can add files. They can also delete files, regardless of who added them.
  • Journals: When used in the Group area, all members of a Group can view each other's Entries, but the Group Journal can only be viewed by the Group and the Instructor. Instructors can select the grade option for Journals.
  • Tasks: Users within the Group can create Tasks that are distributed to all Group members.
  • Wikis: Users within the Group can edit their Group Wiki. All Students within the Course can view a Group Wiki. The Instructor can view and edit a Group Wiki and can select the grade option for Group Wikis.

Once you have selected the tools you would like students to be able to use, you can also allow them to personalize their group space modules by checking this option.

At the bottom of the group settings page, you can select the group members, then click submit when finished. 

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