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Adaptive release settings are used to control when a Bb item, test, link, etc. are displayed in a course.  One example is a "display after or until" setting for an exam.  The steps below will show you how to modify these settings:

With edit mode "on," click the down arrow next to the item.

After clicking "Adaptive Release," the settings page will appear.  On this page, you can edit release (think display) rules based on date, membership (allowing specific groups of students to see the link), grades from other exams, or with a "review status" acknowledgement.  By setting a "review status," Bb will create a review button in a content item of your choice (using the browse option) that will require students to click the button before the item, test, etc. will appear to them in the course.

Remember to use the "Edit Mode" on and off to see if the settings are set up correctly.  When Edit Mode is off, it provides instructors a view similar to what students will see in the course.  Likewise, instructors can modify course items when Edit Mode is on.

Note:  If you have previously set a "Display After" and/or a "Display Until" date/time for an item, you will need to change these dates/times on both the Adaptive Release page adn teh "Edit" page for the respective item.  If you have any trouble getting something to display in Bb, contact the Online Course Coordinator at 843-525-8317.


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