Answered By: Rick Ernest
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015     Views: 541

Unfortunately, no.  From the Adobe Connect User Community Forum: "The ability to broadcast the audio from a video played in the share pod is still not a function that is available."

You can share the video feed in a share pod, but the audio will not be heard on by the meeting participants. 

One option would be to share a link to participants using a Web Links Pod.  If you had a video file that you would like to share, you could use a File share pod to provide a downloadable version.  In both cases, the viewing of the video would occur outside the Adobe Connect environment. 

Comments (2)

  1. That's true for embedded YouTube (e.g., in a powerpoint slide) or sharing a YouTube window/application. But if you upload an mp4 or flv file with audio and share that as a document, I'm pretty sure the audio plays. We tested that last week and it seems to work. We will be verifying this in a few days. Actually, another Adobe forum answer (by user Jorma) says "If a video is uploaded to the Share pod, the audio will broadcast through VoIP. If you screen share video, only the image is broadcast, no audio."
    by James on Apr 07, 2017.
  2. That's correct, you can upload a video file in a meeting and play it over the VoIP connection. The audio and video feed will play as expected.
    by Rick Ernest on Apr 10, 2017.