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Add or Remove Students
1. Log into Blackboard and select your course
2. Go to Course Management | Users and Groups | Click on Users

Course Management menu

ADD Student
Search: | Username | Change to ‘Contains’ | Enter the student’s TCL Student ID Number,
including the 0 (0123456) | Choose Go | Student should be added to course

NOTE: You can enter more than one TCL Student ID Number at a time. Just separate with

Add student


Remove a Student

TCL instructors are not currently able to delete students from courses. To remove a student completely (an action that deletes the student's coursework, grades, and records for that course from Blackboard), please see your division dean. Instructors may, however, choose to change a user's availability in a course. This will make the class unavailable to the student, and they will no longer see it in their list of available courses.

Click down arrows by student’s name and choose "Change User's Availability in Course." 

Change user's availability in course

Next to "Available (this course only), choose "no." Click submit.

Make course unavailable


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