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Note:  Avoid copying individual content items into courses.  This can cause your course size to increase significantly over time.

A best practice is to copy the entire course once and edit the new course for the upcoming term.  If you have questions about this, please contact the Online Course Coordinator at 843-525-8317.

Log into Blackboard account and go to old course that you want to be copied into new course. Go to Course Management | Packages and Utilities | Course Copy

Course copy in control panel

Since the shell for the new course will probably have been created already, select "Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course." Click the browse box beside "Destination Course ID" to find the course into which you want to copy materials. 

Select course to copy materials into  

Select all boxes that you want included in the new course.  It is highly recommended that you copy the entire course into your new course shell and edit your materials for use there.  If you copy a few items at a time over the course of the term, it can result in a significant increase in your course's overall size.  Over time, this will cause degradation in performance for our Bb server.  If this is confusing or you need help, call 843-525-8317.

Select content to copy

 If you wish to include tests or quizzes, make sure it has been selected as well as Settings and Grade center. Note: If you copy more content than you will be using, you can always hide or delete content from the new course.  If you are copying Course Cartridge materials, be sure to select that option as well.

Click submit. It may take some time for the process to complete, but you will be notified when Blackboard has finished the copy.

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